The Unspoken Soundtracks are composed by Gareth Coker. Find them at the following locations


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The Track list is as follows:

  1. Ostium
  2. Spiritus Cultris (Blackjack) [feat. Mimi Page]
  3. Iactus Ignis (Anarchist) [feat. Tina Guo]
  4. Obtundo (Kineticist) [feat. Bonnie Brooksbank]
  5. Sanctum
  6. Pronuntiatio
  7. Perdisco
  8. Initum
  9. Intorqueo (Kineticist) [feat. Bonnie Brooksbank]
  10. Praecisione (Blackjack) [feat. Mimi Page]
  11. Turbulentus (Anarchist) [feat. Tina Guo]
  12. Sanctum II
  13. Vaframentum (Blackjack) [feat. Mimi Page]
  14. Exitium (Anarchist) [feat. Tina Guo]
  15. Vis Animi (Kineticist) [feat. Bonnie Brooksbank]
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