Players often record tournament battles and some game days. This will provide a list of player twitch streams and youtube videos.

Videos are often helpful for beginners to learn how a particular character class is played. If a player has main class that they play in the listed videos, that will be listed as well. That doesn't mean they don't play other classes, only that these videos are helpful for that class. Some players rotate through all character classes on a regular basis, in which case All will be listed.

Players, if you don't see yourself listed and want to be, edit the wiki and add yourself! If someone isn't listed it's probably because I haven't tracked down their links yet, not intentional exclusion.

Player Featured Class Livestreams / Twitch YouTube
NumberOneCharizard All numberonecharizard videos
Vidman321 Blackjack videos
Thavex Electromancer thavexvr videos
SuperJoshua512 Anarchist superjoshua512
YawningSoldier Anarchist, Kineticist yawningsoldier videos
zGetsu Electromancer zzgetsu videos
Nafeasonto Anarchist nafeasonto
Bibbles Electromancer bibblesthegay
Crumplecorn Electromancer crumplecorn
PathmakerJen Electromancer, Anarchist pathmakerjen videos

In addition to player videos, there are some official game channels that also have videos available.

Insomniac Games has playlists for The Unspoken including some streams.

VR League has Unspoken Tournament Videos.

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