In March 2020, players on the community discord discussed resetting the leaderboard, to freshen up the competition and make the weekly Saturday game days more fun.

In particular, the duel queue rank system has a behavior where points "decay" when someone is out of game for a long time, but then all come back at once after their first win in game when they return. That can mean they are awarded 50+ points for a single win (possibly even against a newbie), compared to the 0-5 points normally awarded for wins. That makes it counterproductive to invite high ranking old players back to the game to play. But we want people to play! So the top players active on Discord voted to do a reset and hopefully make game play more lively and appealing for a while.

The game will not be receiving any more updates from Insomniac (now Sony). So the game will continue to show "Season 2", although with this leaderboard reset, we're effectively entering a "Season 3". This wiki page will show the previous seasons and any further leaderboards for the future.

Season 1[edit | edit source]

Unspoken Season1 Leaderboard.jpg

Rank Points Player
1 811 Yawning_Soldier
2 788 ServError
3 777 NumberOneCharizard
4 763 zGetsu
5 759 Reukifellth
6 744 SayhiJon
7 713 Flushgogo
8 697 Nerdburglar
9 692 Vidman321
10 690 Baldheaded

Season 2 to March 2020[edit | edit source]

Unspoken Season2 Leaderboard March2020.jpg

Rank Points Player
1 799 NumberOneCharizard
2 748 Flushgogo
3 701 Thavex
4 700 Nerdburglar
5 693 Vidman321
6 693 Yawning_Soldier
7 685 SayhiJon
8 669 Reukifellth
9 665 Thecosmicruler
10 655 ServError

Season 3 - March 2020 to ?[edit | edit source]

Season 3, beginning in quarantine season, is underway! We've reset the leaderboard and all players' points while lots of people are stuck at home anyway, so we can enjoy fresh competition for the top. See our Active Events page for details on weekly Saturday duel opportunities! Turn on your microphone and chat with us as you play. (There were two resets, as we only got a partial reset on the first attempt and had to try again a day later to do it right. Sorry about that for the players who came in between the two. It's fixed now!)

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