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The Kineticist wields heavy objects with a deliberate style. Time your Telekinetic Primal carefully. Defend with your off-hand shield while an object overcomes inertia to move to your primary hand.

A held object can act as an improvised shield. And a thrown object can nullify an enemy projectile. Your Primal defensive capabilities are second to none.

There are massive objects in every arena—concrete fountains, metal machinery, stone gargoyles. These inflict the most damage. Gesture toward an object with your offensive hand to draw it close. But choose carefully; heavy objects take longer to attract.

Debris Scatter excels at breaking enemy shields and shattering Summon Orbs.

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Save your Embers. A quickly cast Mass Drop can divert an adversary while you move close to prepare a Debris Scatter spell. Multiple Mass Drops will leave your challenger with no safe haven.

To prevail, you must sense the ebb and flow of intangible waves as you manipulate the dense matter of the physical world. Duel with verve, but never forget the gravity of the ancient code.

May you crush your rival before your rival crushes you.

Primal Magic[]

Main-Hand - Telekinesis[]

  • Held Objects can be used as a shield
  • Large objects will break opponent off hand shield
  • Objects can be thrown whilst they are still being drawn to you, before they reach your hand.

Off-hand - Telekinetic Shield[]

  • Repel opponent attacks

Gesture Spells[]

Push - Debris Scatter[]

  • With a push gesture, attract detritus to ready a Debris Scatter, then project it outward in a concentrated cone of shrapnel. Charge up, then cast Debris Scatter at close range to damage an opponent with every deadly shard.

Volley - Mass Drop[]

  • With a volley gesture, levitate a Mass Drop of automobiles to damage your enemy from above. The initial pose directs one car to your opponent; hold the pose to raise cars above up to three pedestals, selected by your gaze. Drop your arms with force for a higher-damage attack.

Guard - Force Bubble[]

  • With a guard gesture, form a Force Bubble to repulse enemy spells. Cast quickly to counter, or hold the crossed-arm pose to generate a larger, more durable bubble.



The Unspoken - Kineticist Class

Tips & Tricks[]

  • The Kineticist's debris can be blocked easily by level objects like pillars and walls, but it makes up for this by absorbing Anarchist fireballs and having a high rate of fire, especially if world objects are nearby to be picked up.
  • If you have an ember available when facing Blackjacks or other Kineticists, prepare to quickly cast your shield whenever you teleport, to defend against a quick disk or debris scattershot.