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In the shadow of the El tracks, there is a neighborhood where no one lives. The streets here are deserted, save for scattered commuters and lost tourists. No packages have been delivered here in over fifty years. And yet when night falls, every storefront glows with neon light.

Unseen Spellcasters gather here to duel in the Elmhurst Avenue arena! In this uncommonly long battleground, pillars are far apart—so offensive Primal spells require exceptionally skillful aiming. And at long range, there is time to see an opponent attack and respond. Because of that, the balance in this arena tilts in favor of counters.

There is a counter for every spell. Counters can be Primal shields, guard spells, strategically deployed offensive spells, quickly cast Artifacts,  or timely teleportation. Multiple fully charged Primal spells turn a Chaos Skull back at its caster. A Force Bubble diverts the trajectory of  a Disc of Blades. A Dispelling Censer sends Cthulhu’s Tentacles back into the void. Understanding these relationships—and playing to the strengths of each class and Artifact loadout—is the key to transcendent spellcraft.

Duels in Elmhurst Avenue begin with the home pedestal, two flanking positions protected by barricades, and one exposed forward position. A mastery of Primal shield timing and position is critical at the forward pedestal. Long spell volleys happen frequently. Canny magicians observe their opponent’s shield health to exploit a moment of vulnerability, or teleport away just before their own shield shatters.

As the match escalates, the arena grows more vertical; structures crumble to reveal two high-elevation pedestals that offer a dominant vantage point over barricaded enemies. The Summoning Orb materializes very close to these high positions. When the Orb shatters, and its effigy assembled, arcane energies animate a powerful street debris Golem. If the Golem hunts you, may you find a Spear Forge or Dispelling Censer within your grasp. Otherwise the Obelisks that lie beneath Elmhurst Avenue may well mark your grave.

Clockwork Imp Idle locations []

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