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This living battery taps into the city’s power grid to energize arcane constructs.

Pace yourself. Absorb your opponent’s projectiles while your Primal Lightning charges, and then unleash an electrical barrage with both hands—you alone can dual wield offensive spells. You also have the fastest teleport recharge.

Deploy your constructs carefully; a Shock Sentry turret protected by a fully charged Field Generator shield deals much more cumulative damage. Multiple Shock Sentries can overwhelm an unprepared opponent.

Control your adversary’s side of the arena with the massive strike zone of a fully charged Electrosphere, but don’t discount the value of a quick cast to punish a moving spellcaster.

Feel the hum of your power. Your success depends upon the ebb and flow, the charge and the release. Tap the grid, hold back, and then explode.

 Primal Magic[]

Main-Hand -[]

  • Generate electricity, then discharge Lightning from your fingertips. Your glove has 4 bulbs on it. When all 4 are charged, the first moment of firing is yellow and extra powerful. Unlike the other classes, this one charges while resting, not while firing. Adjust your pacing.

Off-Hand -[]

  • Absorb your adversary’s spells with the Surge Protector, and release their energy as a static charge. You can give it a push to add speed. When your shield is exhausted, it will display a timer circle for the recharge.

Gesture Spells[]

Push - Electrosphere[]

  • Charge a high-voltage Electrosphere to strike your opponent from above with a rolling lightning storm

Conjure - Shock Sentry[]

  • Assemble an automated Shock Sentry (also commonly called a turret) to electrocute your opponent. Works longer if you cover it with a Field Generator ember shield. This uses a different gesture from other classes: place your hands palm up near chest height, squeeze and hold the triggers as it charges, and then release while pushing up. The turret has its own health bar, can be attacked and destroyed, and will also time out eventually even if it doesn't take direct damage. Only two turrets can exist on the field at a time; summoning a new one will destroy the oldest one.

Guard - Field Generator[]

  • Construct a Field Generator ember shield to insulate yourself from your opponent’s attacks, protect your Shock Sentry, and quickly recharge your Lightning Primal spell. This shield helps protect your turret from attacks, keeping it functional longer and able to do more damage. Only one pedestal can be shielded at a time. The front of the shield is stronger while the sides and top are weaker.


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