Dispelling Censer:  Grabbing the Dispelling Censor artifact deploys 2 glowing green orbs that need to be collected in the censor and can be thrown once the device adheres to your main hand. This creates an Area Of Effect (AOE) Dispelling grenade that with remove or damage all enemy magic effects within the diameter of the orb's effects. This will remove uncollected embers, damage all casted creatures, artifacts and spells, even in-flight primal attacks.

Burner demons will die. Clockwork imps will take almost a full health bar of damage but may survive enough to grab an ember before dying, summoned level orb creatures will take up to half damage.

Anarchist chaos skulls that have been split and are turned against your rival will not be dispelled. Caution: If these are medium sized chaos skulls then these can still be split into small chaos skulls after the dispel and sent back at you.

Held artifacts will also be dispelled including dispelling censors.

Charging ember attacks will be stopped if charged within detonated AOE and put back in inventory.  Any attacks that use embers will have to be restarted. Instant use attacks like Pyrotechnics, Cards, Cars, or Vermin will be dispelled immediately and waste the ember.

The Dispelling Censer will do 1/2 to 2/3 of hit points damage to Arena Guardians, making them significantly easier to defeat, but it will not kill them in a single blow.

The Dispelling Censer is especially valuable when your opponent has cast multiple spells close together.

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