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Thavex Thavex 21 June 2017

The Unspoken – Midway Pier

May 11, 2017The Unspoken

A rusty cast-iron mermaid drowns in lakeshore mud. Bleached wooden swings clack in the wind. A cracked neon sign snaps and hisses, but never illuminates. Are these relics from the park’s halcyon opening? Or are they tawdry reproductions from its doomed nineteen seventies remodel?

A voice cries out from beyond the veil. Pillars arise, and the council approves a new arena for the Duel! Introducing the Midway Pier, where Spellcasters clash in a vacant lakeside amusement park. The Pier layout is designed with a low sheltered home pedestal, two forward mid-height flanking pedestals, and two high-elevation pedestals. Skilled casters weave their spells through the metal scaffolds of dormant rides to banish their adversaries…

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