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If you ride the elevator to the top floor of a North Side office tower—and if the sun is in the perfect position, with a sliver of light revealing the shadowy rowhouses below—you can just catch a glimpse of a rooftop garden. Yet if you search for the garden at ground level, you will never find it.

Here, spellcasters duel for supremacy in the shrouded Astor Garden arena! The Council designed this venerable battleground for skillful casting, with destructible trellises and close pedestals for surprise short-range attacks. Beware! Mindful opponents will try to flank you with elevated pedestal positions. And as the duel escalates, plants grow unchecked in the pollen-choked atmosphere, revealing a terrible secret: the malicious Devourer, imprisoned just beyond the veil. Will you unleash it on your opponent? Or will you cower behind a hedgerow as its pods spawn deadly seedlings over your positions?

Duel viciously, but fairly. And may the best arch-mage win.

Clockwork Imp Idle locations[]

Round 1 Locations

Rounds 2 and 3



The Unspoken - Astor Garden