List of Arenas[edit | edit source]

General Arena Information[edit | edit source]

How arenas change, embers and how they spawn, summoning orb spawns, etc.

  • Generally Maps start out fairly mundanely on Round 1 with less Teleport Pillars than Rounds 2 and 3
  • Round 2 Begins the escalation of the Arena with new Pillars emerging and sometimes drastic changes to the Arena especially in Lockport Bridge and Midway Pier
  • The first ember spawns sometime within 8 - 10 seconds into Rounds 1 and 2 about enough time to fire off two fully charged primal attacks. On Round 3 the first ember spawns earlier somewhere around 6 seconds from the round start about enough time to fire off 1 fully charged primal attack.
  • Beginning in Rounds 2 and 3 midway through the match an Arena Guardian Summon orb will spawn. This orb can be damaged creating a sort of magical tug of war mini game between The Unspoken. The longer the orb remains in play the more drastic the sway an amount of damage will influence the tug on the summon orb. With this in mind it's generally better to start the orb using primal attacks and finish it off with ember attacks instead of the reverse.
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