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Current In-Game Arena Guardians[]

General Arena Guardian Information[]

  • Beginning in Rounds 2 and 3 midway through the match an Arena Guardian Summon orb will spawn. This orb can be damaged creating a sort of magical tug of war mini game between players. The longer the orb remains in play, the more drastic the sway an amount of damage will influence the tug on the summon orb. With this in mind, it's generally better to start the orb using primal attacks and finish it off with ember attacks instead of the reverse.
  • Once you destroy the Summon Orb, its guardian effigy will fly to you and take a place next to your artifacts. You have a choice on when or whether to summon the guardian with it.
  • Assemble this effigy by attaching the pieces to each other, generally from the bottom up. The connecting edges will glow when they can be connected. This is especially important when assembling difficult effigies like Devourer. Usually it's safer to cast a large shield before starting this sometimes slow process.
  • A summoned guardian can be 1/2 to 2/3 defeated by one dispelling censer.
  • In a duel, one player may summon the guardian, and the other player defeats it and both players remain alive. In this case, the summon orb will reappear to be reused in the same round.
  • Generally the most important thing to understand about a guardian for your own defense is how and when it attacks. Dodging is critically important. Most move slowly enough that you have time to teleport if you're paying attention.
  • Top players are extremely fast at assembling the effigies. You can get practice by battling Lenore and concentrating on the summon orb to the exclusion of the rest of the battle. You can even lose round 1 on purpose to more quickly get to rounds 2 and 3 with the summon orb. The fastest way to die for round 1 is to step out of the play area and let damage occur from your wrong position.

The video demonstrates each effigy and guardian, while battling the AI. Currently unedited; you may wish to skip around.


The Unspoken VR - Practice vs AI with All Arena Guardians-0

Practice video demonstrates effigy assembly and Guardian fight tactics for all 7 arenas