Full Update Notes



  • Autocam: Stream matches like an Arch-Mage with the new desktop spectator features, available in the Options Menu.
  • Spectator UI: Matches are easier to follow with a new viewport-friendly vertical overlay.
  • Record your name in the Ledger: Archival leaderboards are viewable at the Chalkboard. Season 1 has officially ended, Season 2 will begin 08.24.17.
  • Wear the Crown: Season 1 rewards are now available at the Celestial Mirror.
  • Lenore difficulty settings: Hone your skills and practice to perfection with a new difficulty setting, accessible with the Solo Duel orb at the Map Table.
  • New Shield Behavior: High-damage spells will now travel through Gesture Shields to deal reduced damage to the player. Spillover damage has been removed from all Gesture Shields.



  • Fireball: Reduced the max charge time.
    • This change gives the anarchist a significant primal buff to make it more competitive with other classes.
  • Chaos Skull: Removed the speed increase for a Chaos Skull that has been split.
  • Pyrotechnics: Decreased the cast time.
  • Plate Glass: Decreased the max health.
  • Plate Glass: Increased the rate of shield health decay.


  • Celestial Dome: Decreased the max health.
  • Celestial Dome: Increased the rate of shield health decay.
  • Vermin: Increased the Vermin attack speed when targeting an Arena Orb.
  • Vermin: Added Immunity to area of effect damage.
    • Reduced the Vermin’s health to compensate.
  • Shatter Mine: Decreased cast time for the minimum charged mine.


  • Debris Scatter: Decreased the max travel speed.
  • Debris Scatter: Increased the pellet’s spread.
  • Debris Scatter: Increased the number of pellets created for both charge tiers.
  • Debris Scatter: Decreased the per-pellet damage.
    • The Debris Scatter now sits in a unique place as a formidable close ranged attack that’s less effective at long range.
  • Telekinesis: Overhauled object spawn locations across all maps.
    • This makes pickup times more consistent and makes it more reliable to find objects.
  • Telekinesis: Slowed large object spawn rate.


  • Lightning: Decreased the sustained fire damage slightly.
  • Lightning: Increased the damage of the overcharged shot.
  • Surge Protector: Increased the minimum size of the projectile.
  • Electrosphere: Reduced the size of the area of effect when a fully charged Electrosphere is initially cast.
    • The area of effect now scales up while the spell is traveling. This gives an opponent a moment to dodge a point-blank Electrosphere.
  • Electrosphere: Reduced the area of effect of a fully charged Electrosphere slightly.
  • Shock Sentry: Reduced the max health.
    • This allows push spells to destroy a Sentry of the same charge tier.
  • Shock Sentry: Reduced the max number of simultaneous Sentries to 2.
  • Field Generator: Decreased the max health of all the components.
  • Field Generator: Increased the rate of health decay.
    • Charging the Field Generator now reduces the rate that the health decays instead of increasing the max health.
  • Field Generator: Decreased the buff to the Lightning charge rate.
  • Field Generator: Removed the extra shots for the Lightning’s sustained fire.
  • Field Generator: The max number of simultaneous Field Generators is now 1.


  • Wildcards: Reduced the casting time.
  • Wildcards: Added gaze-based target selection.
  • Wildcards: Increased the travel speed and adjusted the flight path so Wildcards don’t arc as much.
  • Spectral Cloak: Muffled the directional sound of teleports from a player inside the Spectral Cloak.
  • Spectral Cloak: Added an HP buff for the caster’s initial Cloak Crystal.
    • The Spectral Cloak is now a viable reaction to incoming damage.
  • Spectral Cloak: Removed health decay over time.
    • Undamaged Spectral Cloaks will now time out after 15 seconds.
  • Spectral Cloak: Decreased the max health.


  • Spear Forge: Increased the time it takes for the hit marker runes to appear.
  • Aerogramme: Decreased the cast time.
  • Cthulhu’s Grasp: Removed the ability for tentacles to spawn on a Burner-occupied pillar.
  • Burner: Will no longer teleport to a pillar inhabited by Cthulhu’s Grasp tentacles.



  • Chaos Skull: Addressed an issue where players could teleport away from a skull that collides with them without taking damage.


  • Lightning: The Overcharged shot now has a sound effect.
  • Lightning: Decreased the visual intensity.


  • Infernal Contract: Addressed an issue where Infernal contract could cause future embers to not spawn properly.
    • Embers granted by the Infernal Contract will not be usable until the ember collection animation completes.


  • Collision: Raised the low point of player collision.
    • This improves the feel of spell reflection.
  • Matchmaking: Decreased the ping tolerance for matches.
    • This makes match connections more reliable.
    • Friends matches retain their current behavior.
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